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Kefi 6 Month Update:Only One Thing Has Gone Right
By John Simon
Posted on 6/26/2018 1:07 PM

Well we’re 6 months into our little adventure and I have to say I have gotten most things wrong. So before I talk about what I got right, let’s review my errors:

I Thought People Would Jump on Group Trips First
Our reputation is built on incredible group trips people have had in past. So naturally I thought people would want to join upcoming group trips.  Well that has happened some, but most people have taken ideas from these trips and asked to do them at different times, as a couple, as a family, or with a private group.  Which has been just fine by us.  We’re here to serve the members.

Custom Trips Would Be Only One of Many Trip Services We Offer

This is partly true, however by far the bulk of our calls are from individuals, couples, and groups asking for us to help them create a trip they have been dreaming about. So custom trip planning have become core to what we do.

People Would Know We Can Do All-inclusive and Cruises
I wrote it on the website. I wrote it in an earlier blog post. What else do I need to say? Apparently more since folks still seem surprised we do this when I tell them. It doesn’t allow us to be creative, but we can handle this request.  You shouldn’t pay anymore then what you find online or from a large agency. And the money stays local. 

We’d Struggle To Keep The Whole Travel Experience Fun Since Not All Customers Would Be Local
For Kefi, its not just the trip, but the planning, execution, and discussion after the trip which all goes into the experience. I thought we ‘d lose this excitement when we couldn’t sit down with everyone throughout the process. Fortunately we have found the interaction before a trip, be it in person, on the phone, or online has been fun for us and our customers and still helps to create the excitement about a trip. The back and forth exchange of ideas really engages everyone in the adventure.

Having Employees Would Be A Pain In The Butt
For anyone that knows me I am not an HR person.  So the idea of having to deal with employees was not filling me with joy.  However I have been extremely lucky to find the brother and sister team of Ben and Michelle who share my passion for unique travel experiences, don’t mind my constant focus on the best accommodation and activities, and my extreme desire not to micro manage their daily activities.

So What Did I Get Right? 
I love reading and researching about places around the globe and thought it would be fun to spend every day planning adventures to see these locations. And it is! Even though we don’t get to go on all these trips, working with people in planning the trip you can hear their excitement. And speaking them when they return you almost feel as if you’ve been there too as they relate their adventures. There is never a day which is dull and work never feels like a chore. Its extremely rewarding to find that special travel experience or location which gives people that unforgettable experience.

So What Will I Get Right Next? 
Probably not much.  But our focus now is to increase our membership so we can bring a whole new group into our family of fun travellers.  I’ll make more mistakes trying to get this to happen.  But hopefully the rest of you will sort me out and help achieve this objective.  We need more travellers!

Here’s to the next 6 months of adventure!
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