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Consider Purpose Travel for Your Next Trip
By John Simon
Posted on 5/16/2018 3:50 PM
Purpose travel is a frequently heard term in the travel industry these days. It is commonly built around building social relationships and focussing on opportunities to learn and grow. It allows travellers to be fully engaged in an activity, to develop new skills and to discover new cultures. I had the opportunity last week to participate in a purpose-driven trip as a guest and speaker for the first-ever “Filmpreneur” event held in Playa Viva, Mexico. 

The event was put on by Hemmings House and brought together filmmaking entrepreneurs and “storytellers” from other industries to help everyone further develop and market their respective businesses.
There were course presentations each day followed by open discussions and networking events. In the evenings we watched several short films produced by members of the program. Adding to the event was the presence of the second group of successful business people, the Social Venture Network. They brought their knowledge to several of the events and informal sessions.

Hosting the event in the exclusive but casual eco-resort of Playa Viva provided an awesome atmosphere for the event, and removed the distractions that larger centres or facilities may have. Options for Yoga classes, day excursions, and community service were all available for those looking for more than just enjoying the beautiful lodge-like facilities, pool, beach, and endless trails on the private 200 acres.  

Overall, I would say that the logic of this combined form of travel can prove to be very effective trips where people can build stronger relationships with other participants, grow on a personal level, and have incredible vacations in unique locations. I am looking forward to our next purpose-driven trips to Greece in September for the next Filmpreneur session, followed by a photography trip led by Mark Hemmings in October. Contact Kefi Travel Club if you have a purpose-driven trip idea.
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